Swiss Army Server - Multiplayer Framework

S.A.S. is a framework designed to streamline the process of creating online multiplayer games.

The Swiss Army Server is a framework that comprises of a server written in NodeJS and a set of utilities running within Unity that automate the most common tasks needed to put your game online, leaving to you the fun of creating.

SAS is designed to allows you to add a series of online functions out of the box, keeping simplicity as its main goal, mostly with one or two lines of code.

These functionalities are:

  •  User Authentication
  •  Reading and Writing to the Dedicated Databse
  •  Realtime synchronization of network entities
  •  Remote Procedure Calls

SAS is not a specialized framework, in fact it tries its best to be as general purpose as it can. The philosophy behind it was to keeping it as simple as possible for the end user, allowing for the easy and flexible design of your backend.

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