Gait - VR Locomotion

Gait is a walk-in-place solution to add an immersive locomotion system to modern VR headsets.

Gait relies on acceleration and positional deltas to work, so it can be applied regardless of the system you are personally using, in brief, for the question:

Is it going to work with...?

The answer is almost certainly YES!

Some highlights of the system are:

  • Dead simple drag and drop system!
  • Immerse your players without motion sickness
  • Plenty of adjustable settings, from tortoise walk to superhuman runner

With Gait you'll be able to add another layer of immersion in your VR games without having to write a single line of code!

Just drag and drop the script to your VR player,  assign the camera and you are already good to go.

Although it has been primarily tested on Oculus Rift, Quest, Quest 2 and Vive. It has been also tested on the Oculus GO, just uncheck the IsMovingHMD box and you are good to go for older platforms as well!

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