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Game development

From simple and occasional support, to the creation of complete games.

Backend development

We create backends for games, apps and portals, from concept to deployment.


We create gamified solutions to enhance brand recognition & user retention.

UpScale Unity

Ready-made components/systems to bring your community together.

Not just games, but culture!

We understand that your brand is more than a website or a slogan, your brand is a community that can grow if fostered, a society of people that can flourish with the appropriate care.

Our latest projects

Path Of Light

Path of Light is a VR game inspired by Gorn, Star Wars and eastern philosophy of self discovery.

Swiss Army Server - Multiplayer Framework

S.A.S. is a framework designed to streamline the process of creating online multiplayer games.

Gait - VR Locomotion

Gait is a walk-in-place solution to add an immersive locomotion system to modern VR headsets.

Micro Game Maker

Built from the ground up with a simple goal in mind: making the games creation process fun, fast and satisfying!

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